6-week Group Program, starting in July 

Are you ready to reconnect to yourself, other people and the world after this last, lost year of the pandemic? 
Especially after a spouse passes away, those who are grieving frequently lose friends and family they counted on for support, when they are ‘too much’ and their grieving process goes on for ‘too long’. Feeling lonely, misunderstood and abandoned by friends and family are common experiences, especially after the first year. 
Reconnect, re-engage, reinvent and rebuild your life after loss. This 6-week group program provides actionable strategies and a supportive community for those who have experienced a loss, ready to move forward, reconnect and build new networks of support. 
If you are ready to discover how to expand the connections by design, book a call to find out how this program can support you to move through grief after a heartbreaking loss to reconnect, live and love again.


Week 1: Reconnect with their zone of genius – Participants take back confidence in themselves and their purpose, shaken up after their loss. They choose who to focus on reconnecting with for 6 weeks. (2x/Week 1 for 90 min of content/45 min of Q&A) 


Week 2: Re-engage in the world – Participants expand their horizons of possibility once their longing for more gets bigger than their fear. (2x/Week 2 for 60 min of content/45 min of Q&A) 


Week 3: Reset – Participants brainstorm about reconnection strategies they are implementing and how well they are working. Based on results, we tweak them to work even better. (1x/Week 3 for 60 min) 


Week 4: Reinvent the path forward – Participants assess priorities newly since they can shift dramatically in the face of a loss and change direction as needed. (2x/Week 4 for 60 min of content/45 min of Q&A) 


Week 5: Rebuild personal or professional relationships – Participants review networks to identify gaps in support which need to be filled. (2x/Week 5 for 60 min of content/45 min of Q&A) 


Week 6: Restart – Participants get questions answered, tweak strategies to get better results and schedule closing 1-on-1 call to compete the program. (1x/Week 6 for 60 min) 


During RECONNECT Program: Interact as a community in a private group daily during the six weeks, either on Discord or Facebook.

What Clients Say

Alison Pena has made an immeasurable impact on my life and career. Her insights and guidance have been instrumental in, not just coping, but thriving through personal, social and business challenges. Discussions of my interests and goals have enabled me to establish credibility within the business, technical and academic communities and have been requested to return to lecture and lead seminars at several universities.

Personally, I have grown from a “private person”, developing fresh relationships with family and friends to a degree I did not think possible as well as creating a vibrant professional network. Her support has also provided the context to effectively manage my personal finances and selfcare during this particularly stressful time. I have found her wisdom and on-going support invaluable.

George B

I first met you on a sidewalk in NYC and your calm and comedic manner struck me instantly – you radiate that you’re at ease in your skin and it makes it so easy to be around you. I found myself wondering “what’s she got going on? I want some of that in my life!”  The next time I saw you was on stage – a presentation that made me cry because it resonated so deeply!

Our work together changed my life. I mean that, sincerely. Because of your commitment to sharing your knowledge and showing up, I have personally seen a transformation in how I care for myself, connect to others, and set (and ACHIEVE) insanely amazing goals that I never dreamed possible. To me, you are a brilliant.

And now, in seeing the way you are navigating David’s death, you are again showing me what it means to be true to yourself. True to your need and desire to connect, even in the depths of pain and loss. True to caring for yourself in the best way possible and reaching out and asking for what you need. I’m just in awe of how you continue to teach by example and how much I continue to learn from you. Thank you for sharing your brilliance and wisdom, your courage and vulnerability. 

Marina D.

Alison is an incredible coach who helped me to see that I could shift the lens that I was looking at my life through. I brag we ended with one clear action step that feels really good and juicy to me! I brag that I can see now that it doesn’t have to always be so damn hard in the area of relationships! 

Rose K

I had the opportunity to do a business strategy session with Alison Pena, and it was incredibly beneficial.  Alison was able to ask the right questions and zero in on a block I was having to marketing to a particular group – a group where the deals are big and the stakes are high. Through a very innovative exercise, Alison helped me get to the root of the block and since then, the block has been gone. 

Alison also helped me hone in on the type of client I would be best aligned with.  She helped me see possibilities in a given target group that I never realized existed before.  Alison has a very sharp, strategic mind, yet what makes her unusual is her ability to integrate her keen business strategy with her personal development work, which helps you get to the root of the issue so you can truly make a seismic shift.  It was a gift to work with Alison, and I highly recommend her.

Michelle L

The Affluence Code coaching call with Alison Pena was amazing and rocked my resistance! I realize how I have tied up my struggle in life with how I look. Vulnerability: I have a belief that if I looked like Naomi Campbell I would act like her as well. So instead of being a stunning ebony goddess, I look like me.

Haven’t we all seen the report about how more attractive people make more money? So, boom! Obviously with my looks of course I wouldn’t be able to reach the upper echelons. I got that I really need to own my beauty or I will be forever trapped.

Mary S

What Hosts and Audience Members Say

Alison crushed it on EOFire!! Just had an incredible chat. What an inspiring Entrepreneur! Look out for her.

John Lee Dumas

Beautiful message presented clear and positive, extremely thought provoking. Love the idea of learning what type of personality I am and how I can move forward. Thank you for your message of hope.

Julie F

Passionate, very articulate and inspiring. Alison shares a great message for those struggling with figuring out who they really are and what their value is.

Tracy O