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This week’s Thrive Global prompt was about, if you could go back in time, what life lessons would you share with your younger self so they don’t make the same mistakes? The story is called Potential is the Booby Prize because it’s always in the future and inaccessible. When I was growing up, I kept hearing, “Alison has so much potential,” which meant I was not living up to what the adults in my life thought I was capable of. And they were right.

It took David’s diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer to realize that life is finite, everybody’s life, including mine, as I watched Dave shrink from 263 lbs to 146 lbs. It lent an urgency to how I lived that life and what I was willing to risk. After I became a widow, as I pressed up against and through my fears to expand the possibilities of my life, including work, relationships, finances, health and love. This is the story of how I grew up so afraid to risk embarrassment that I missed opportunities and had regrets and the turning point of turning 50 and David’s cancer and death at home in my arms.

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