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Keynote Topics: Living fearlessly. Life after loss of a loved one. Resilience. Healing after bereavement. Reinvent identity. Rebuild networks. Unlock your Affluence Code. Lessons on thriving and more.


Podcasts, Radio Shows & Webinars, including:

  • The Hero Show with Richard Matthews, Ep. 10
  • The Visionary Voice with Lori DiGuardi
  • Savvy Ladies Wisdom Wednesday webinars
    • How to unlock your affluent business lifestyle
    • After loss knocks you down, reclaiming financial stability on your terms
    • It’s not who you know: it’s how well you leverage your network
  • Discovering Courage podcast with Patricia Brooks, Ep. 17
  • Chirp About It Live radio show with Patrick Sainvil, 3/06/2018
  • Follow Me Friday with Joan & Priya
  • Older But Stronger podcast with Hans Hageman, Ep. 17
  • The Law Practice Doctor podcast, Ep. 14
  • The Better Relationship Podcast with Susie Miller, Ep. 6
  • The Unstoppable Coach Podcast with Millette Jones
  • The Rags to Niches Podcast with JR
  • Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel, Ep. 104
  • Prosperity Place with Joan Sotkin, Ep. 96 & 301
  • Join Up Dots with David Ralph, Ep. 412
  • Ambitious Entrepreneur Show with Annemarie Cross, Ep. 155
  • The Boss of Me Radio with Andrieka Austin
  • Business Girlfriends Online with Jeannie Spiro, Ep. 30
  • Define U Radio with Valencia Griffin-Wallace
  • Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas, Ep. 516