Grief: Navigating the 3 Levels of Loss



Grief: Navigating the 3 Levels of Loss

Any loss has three distinct levels but most people only recognize and honor one of them.
When we ignore the others, our unacknowledged grief can keep us stuck, longing for the past, unable to step into the future. Is this you?
To truly heal, we must:
  1. feel our feelings about the person we are grieving
  2. rediscover our identity, strength to go on and resourcefulness, and
  3. design a chosen community which supports us fully, practically, emotionally and spiritually
This is for you if:
  • you have lost someone you love and are still grieving, days, months or years later
  • you have forgotten who you are and are longing to be whole again after your loss
  • you are frustrated by members of your community’s boundary jumping and not delivering the support you need, even though you know they mean well
Choose this course if you are seeking insights, community and resources for thriving, after a person you love has passed away. You are unique. You are worth it. This is your time. Act Now!


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