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As human beings, we ALL know loss intimately. And loss is loss, whether you are a cancer caregiver whose beloved died, like me, or you had a bad breakup, separation or divorce, or you lost your business, career, money or home. Death is the final loss but all these others are a kind of death too. Even if you chose to leave (which we often call ‘failure’). Loss is an ending with a person or of a future you imagined, invested in and believed in with all your heart. Of who YOU were with that person or in that situation, that you who is gone, too. 

You may already be a caregiver or you will be in the future. If so, your relationship to that person you care for is forever changed, whether they live or die. You will someday suffer the loss of someone you love, whether it’s a parent, child, relative, spouse, partner, or friend. From illness, disease, accident, aging or even by choice, our losses WILL come and shove our own humanity and mortality in our faces. Nobody gets out alive. 

Loss is loss. Stop apologizing that yours is less painful and important than mine. Your loss is also real and you have a right to grieve it. For as long as you need to, unapologetically and without judgement. I can lead you to live powerfully and peacefully with yours. And come through to the other side, more fully alive and wholly yourself. 

You are in the right place if,

  •  you are grieving as a caregiver or you are bereaved, 
  • you have lost someone you love in a breakup, separation or divorce, no matter how ‘friendly’
  • you have lost your business, career, money or home

You are in the right place if you are seeking solutions for,

  • how to lose, rediscover and reinvent yourself through the crucible of your losses
  • how to allow all your feelings to be expressed, without suppressing or indulging them
  • how to navigate exhaustion, loneliness, judgement, misunderstandings and forgiving yourself and others more peacefully
  • how to engage in love, life and work fearlessly from wherever you are for success, on your own terms
  • how to clarify your desires so you can ask for (and receive) what you need to thrive
  • how to design a community of people who support you truly by culling, cherry-picking and adding personal and professional relationships, strategically

Prepare for irreverent humor, uncomfortable conversations and raw truth. Get ready for rich resources for healing your bruised hearts and practical solutions to address the bewildering, unpredictable and painful challenges your loss will thrust upon you and the heart-opening wholeness on the other side.The only way out is through.

I’ll go first.

Take this FREE Living (Really Living) After Loss Assessment to find out where you stand on healing from within, reinventing yourself and rebuilding your supportive community now.


Schedule a call with me and discover how I can provide you with extraordinary, customized support and resources, in the wake of suffering a loss. If you are ready to take action and live fully again, talk to me.

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