I’m Alison Pena, Bad Widow.

How to Take Back Your Life After Loss

Business Owners:
Alison Pena supports entrepreneurs after a loss to tap into their innate resilience and get back on track with confidence, competence, clients and cashflow.
Bereaved Individuals:
Alison Pena helps widows, widowers and those who lost a loved one with strategies to maintain existing relationships, build new ones and find love again.
  • Widows and widowers, stuck between grieving loss of their true love and dread of being alone, without love, forever
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals, who have lost work, confidence, spark and drive, and are worried about their future prospects 
My work supports those whose trust in themselves, their opportunities and the stability of the world have been cracked open by heartbreaking loss.
Many of my clients get stuck with ongoing grief, fear, anger or shame, either numb or trying to move forward without the support of family and friends who thought they were ‘too much’ or that their grieving process took ‘too long.’
  • Opened up to loving again after her husband died of cancer in 2016, started dating in 2018 and found new love in 6 months
  • Grew personal and professional relationships for better support, impact and influence to accomplish clearly defined goals
  • Mastered new ways to handle unexpected waves of grief, fear, anger or shame, and ask for support instead of pushing
    people away
  • Reinvented himself, leveraging existing expertise, and landed a Fortune 500 operations job in the middle of a pandemic
  • Changed jobs from an NYC real estate job to a better one in Florida with more status, advancement prospects and money 

Reasons for Grief:
* Over 500,000 people dead from COVID-19
* Systemic racism as a public health crisis
* Job losses and financial stresses
* Essential workers work or risk death
* Lost time, celebrations and play

Annual Cost of Grief in Business since 2020:
* Over $75 billion in lost productivity
* Over $190 billion in employee burnout
* Over 50% of adults’ mental health worsened
* 75% work burnout, with 40% due to pandemic

Maria Aspan

Author of "The Biggest Risk in Business Now is Grief", dated 9/27/2020, Fortune Magazine

“And now, in seeing the way you are navigating David’s death, you are again showing me what it means to be true to yourself.

True to your need and desire to connect, even in the depths of pain and loss. True to caring for yourself in the best way possible and reaching out and asking for what you need.

I’m just in awe of how you continue to teach by example and how much I continue to learn from you.”

Marina D.


Download 3 Strategies to Face Breakdowns and Plug Gaps After a Loss

“Alison Pena has made an immeasurable impact on my life and career.

Personally, I have grown from a “private person”, developing fresh relationships with family and friends to a degree I did not think possible as well as creating a vibrant professional network.”

George B.


My name is Alison Pena. I began calling myself Bad Widow after my husband died of pancreatic cancer in 2016.

After feeling completely broken by my own loss and getting lots of well-meaning advice, I decided to be a different kind of widow, ignore all the ‘shoulds,’ correct bad assumptions, honor my boundaries and live life on my own terms.


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