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Last weekend, I wrote an article for Thrive Global about being a caregiver for my mother-in-law. I was also primary caregiver for my husband, David as he battled Stage 4 pancreatic cancer from October 2015 to September 2016. During this pandemic and social distancing lockdown, many people are acting as caregivers who never expected to take on that role.

Perhaps you have experienced the people you care for getting angry at you as their engagement in the world narrows, limited by health, aging or the necessity to protect themselves by staying home, wearing masks and hand-washing. Certainly, I have. It’s heartbreaking, as a caregiver, to be unable to fix what’s wrong. Right now, many world events, such as the coronavirus pandemic, record unemployment, health care breakdowns and social justice protests, are beyond our individual ability to control. We must simply endure and, maybe, in these strange and stressful times, find a way to become closer to those we love.

This article was written for a Thrive Global prompt asking for experiences about having or being a caregiver. Please share your own experiences if you have had or have been a caregiver yourself. Connect with me if I can support you and make it easier.

This article is about how promising David, my husband, who asked me on his last day alive, to care for his very independent mom and how our caregiving connection has improved our relationship. See Navigating the Path from Frustration Back to Love.