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Finding Solid Ground After Your World Is Shaken Up by Heartbreaking Grief

Grief is not something we talk about publicly although every person on the planet has or will experience it in their lifetime. That turns a universal experience into a solitary and often lonely one. It doesn’t have to be that way.

These are some of the grief experiences people go through which change how they see themselves.

  • Loss of a loved one to death, divorce, breakup or discord
  • Loss of a job or business
  • Financial breakdown or health crisis
  • Lack of communication or touch
  • Unanticipated event like a global pandemic or climate change

These experiences can impact self-confidence, decision-making, trust in yourself, others and the future, performance and productivity. They change the ways we identify ourselves as family or friend, colleague or boss, rich or poor, healthy or sick.

The question is how can you find solid ground in yourself? The answer to THAT allows you to get back to centered even when outside events disrupt your life and grief derails your certainty.

Grief resilience coaching helps clients to figure out their zone of genius, where they are most grounded. It’s that place everyone has experienced at one time or another where synchronicity kicks in and everything just works.

To find your zone of genius, ask, “Do you feel most yourself when you are focused primarily on…

  • doing excellent work,
  • nurturing 1-on-1 relationships, or
  • participating and contributing to your community?”

If you’re not sure what your zone of genius is, which will center you in any situation, book a complimentary 15-minute call to discover what it is here.