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Vulnerability Day 6

Vulnerability Day 6 #30daysofvulnerability2017 #badwidow #cancercaregiver #day6
Dave had thick, luxurious, black hair and I loved to run my fingers through it. When we were dating and vacationing with friends in Cancun, Mexico, a waiter asked David if we were married. I was grouchy already because we had been together for a while.
When Dave answered, “No,” the waiter said, “Senor, the train she is leaving.” We got back to the hotel and Dave rushed to the mirror to check whether his hairline was receding. Grrr.
Years later, when it began to actually recede, he started using Dax, which was kind of like the Dapper Dan product which George Clooney used in “Oh Brother, How Art Thou?” I HATED it and begged him not to use it but he was very concerned about losing his hair. It felt tacky to my fingers and I stopped playing with his hair. For years…
Hindsight sucks. If I had known, if I only had his hair under my fingers now, Dax or no Dax, or his bald head, robbed of hair by chemo treatments, if I could take it back…
Is there any decision like that, which didn’t even look like a decision at the time, that you regret?