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Vulnerability Day 18

#30daysofvulnerability2017 #cancercaregiver #badwidow #day18
About three days a week, I go into the studio to assess and sort equipment, materials, supplies, paintings and sketches. I am prepping to have a studio sale of equipment, materials and supplies, probably as soon as next week. My instinct is to cling to all that was his and it’s just not possible. Which is painful.

David Beynon Pena worked in oils, watercolor, pastel, pencil/pen-and-ink, acrylic. He painted on panels and canvas, cardboard and paper. He painted portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, nudes. I estimate that there are 1000+ paintings in the studio. Here are a few below for my own and your pleasure.

At times, seeing his work and touching his art brings joy and at other times, sorrow. He was prolific so the prospect of finding a way for his work to be seen, appreciated and sold is overwhelming. Looking at reaching out to individuals, doing gallery shows and setting up a website as possibilities.