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Vulnerability Day 14

#30daysofvulnerability2017 #cancercaregiver #badwidow #day14
The most important act of self-care I performed as a cancer caregiver when David was first diagnosed was to reach out to my friends who are good about their own self-care for suggestions.
I got over 100 very specific ideas so, when I was exhausted, I didn’t have to think. I could just go to my list and pick one. I also noticed that it was important to schedule my self-care and to have both free and expensive options, the whole spectrum to choose from, so money was not an excuse to stop taking care of myself.

1) Do you have a list of at least ten self-care ideas?
2) Do you schedule self-care into your calendar weekly?
3) What top three excuses do you use to skip your self-care?

I invite you to start today because taking care of yourself, especially as a caregiver, is one of the most selfless, seemingly selfish actions you can perform. Slow down and savor.