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I was just watching my brother’s group, The Conspiracy of Beards¬†sing one of Leonard Cohen’s songs on Facebook and one of the lines in it caught my attention. I had forgotten or was intentionally ignoring this fact because, if I acknowledge this reality, I hurt to feel this way.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in,” from “Anthem.”

Cracked open, broken up, shattered into pieces
Almost unrecognizable even to myself
Priorities shift and right themselves
Busyness recedes in favor of connection
Passionate engagement supersedes obligation
Choosing me, choosing him, choosing us
Over all others

Reframed, remade, raring to be whole
Taking back lost fragments of myself
Given up willingly for my intimate love
Light shines through my cracks of loss
Reminding me of infinite possibilities
Opening me to embrace new opportunities
From my expanded self

Stretched, held, healing with time’s passing
Loved then and now and, eventually, again
Simply because I say so