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#30daysofvulnerability2017 #cancercaregiver #badwidow #day27
Riding in a taxi with David’s mom yesterday, I was reminded of his gracious exiting the taxi behavior. Quite unlike mine. I was polite but in a rush and urging him to hurry up, pretty much always.

Every time, after he paid the driver and before David got out, he would say, “I wish for you nice people in the cab and, above all, get home safe.” I must have heard him say this hundreds of times and mean it every time. Beyond his incredible art, his kindness shone through.

For every taxi driver he said this to, faces brightened and, with those short, few words, they had a better day. Because my husband, David, cared and was wiling to say so. I am trying, remembering, to be more like him today.