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Own your brave. Human beings are resilient. Like the plant in this woman’s cupped hands, we reach for light. Like the plane taking off against the wind, we grow stronger with friction. We have no choice about how we are tossed about by circumstances beyond our control. We can only opt to be warrior or victim.

When I reflected on my experiences as a caregiver in the Day 6 post, I realized that I had taken for granted previous caregiving as unimportant and ‘just how it was.’ I suspect this is true for you too, that there are times you have stood for another in ill health or old age or after a loss and downplayed your courage in doing so. Stop it.

All of my life experiences, not just Dave’s pancreatic cancer, made it possible to live the last year with my husband with escalated self-care, love, compassion and appreciation, along with huge helpings of despair, anger, fear and helplessness. Sometimes, the situation is beyond our control. Brave is finding a way to stay whole, no matter what. That is what BadWidow is about, sharing experiences, insights, caring and strategies to make the journey a little bit easier.

I assert you are brave and invite you to own it, gladly. Your bravery is the fortification for anything life throws at you. I see you truly.