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There is no hurry. We live in a world where we prioritize doing over being and it leads to poor choices. Very often we are making decisions or taking actions that are not congruent with our values. One surefire way to get better results and be happier is to slow down. This pause to reflect gives us time to think, gives our intuition time to catch and provide better guidance. We rush to solve the urgency of money concerns and caregiver emergencies. We rush through or over our grief. We rush for solutions and get worse outcomes than we would if we took a more mindful, measured Ā approach.

In addition, if we slow down, we can amplify the effects of our self-care efforts. When we have time constraints, it’s vital to have every minute we take for ourselves work as effectively as possible. We need to fill ourselves up for those times we will require that reservoir of self-love and self-care. The car that bobs and weaves through traffic is more likely to get into an accident and get there very late indeed, trying to make up five minutes. We are also more subject to wrong moves when we fail to be true to ourselves. As A.A. Milne says, “We shall get there some day.”

Pace yourself and thrive.